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James Ronald Williams Jr


The Author

James Ronald William has a belief that there is an imbalance of wealth distribution around the world and brings awareness and educates people on how they can invest their money smartly and with vigilance. He has understood that he must make people aware of how to become financially sound and attain wealth through proper investments.



James Ronald has trained many people for the Department of Army Personnel. He has prepared countless individuals from all kinds of different services and other federal agencies. These include the U.S Air Force, the U.S Navy, the U.S Marine Corps Coast Guard, the Department of Defense civilian and contract employees, the Department of Energy, and the Federal Aviation Administration. The division also offers course development, research, and the distribution of course materials to different satellites around the globe.

He is an author trained in technical writing by the United States Armed Services Technical College of Communication in Fort Gordon, GA. The technique used to write his book Motivation for Wealth Creation utilizes Singularity.